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Were they hot or not?

No, seriously.

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Were They Hot Or Not?
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Judging the ancients by that most important parameter: Sexiness.
Looking back on the course of human history, we have been blessed with an untold number of great individuals. Each has made an indelible mark on the face of history, be it discovery or literature or music or a festive mustache.

It is in our very nature to look back on them in wonder, our minds filled with questions. What inspired them to such deeds? What were their lives like? How would they have reacted to modern day developments?

Yet the most important question, until now, has gone unasked.

Were they hot or not?

Posting is open to community members. However, there are a few rules.

1) Include the person's name, a photo/sculpture/painting/etc. (if possible), and their historical significance. Links to reference are awesome.
2) DO NOT hotlink any images. That is the path of jerkwads. Please host pictures on your own webspace, or toss them onto ImageShack.
3) The nominee must be an actual historical figure---or at the very least a person we are 50% sure existed.
4) Do not flood the community with noms. If one or two have been posted that day, wait a while. Don't wear out anyone's flist.
5) Ratings continue to be on a 1 to 10 scale, 1 being the depths of deformity, 10 the heights of hotness.
6) Please include large bursts of text or large/multiple photos behind a lj-cut.

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