katherine (chickpeagreen) wrote in weretheyhot,

Since we've had Stalin ...

Who is it? Why, it's Leon Davidovich Trotsky, leader of the Red Army during the Russian Civil War. To make a long story short: he and Stalin fought for control of the dictatorship of the USSR after Lenin's death, the mustachioed Georgian won (obviously), and Trotsky ended up in Mexico with an ice-axe in his head and the majority of his friends and family dead or missing.

He was married twice and had several affairs (most notably with Frida Kahlo), and apparently had gorgeous blue eyes, if that influences your decision-making. I'd say he's a solid 7, but I'm going to dock points for the Red Terror, his brutal suppression of the Kronstadt Rebellion, and his general douchebaggery. Awesome 'fro, though.
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