Ten little bullets in my hand (10littlebullets) wrote in weretheyhot,
Ten little bullets in my hand

Women with swords get me hot.

Emilia Plater was a young noblewoman who kicked a whole bunch of ass in the Polish uprising of 1831. Because when Russia is advancing to impose a totalitarian regime on your rebellious country and erase your national identity, what do you do? You chop off your hair, put on men's clothes, and drum up an infantry unit and a bunch of scythe-wielding peasants, that's what you do. Or at least, that's what you do if you're twenty-five-year-old Emilia Plater.

And boy did she look fine in men's clothes.

Apparently there is disagreement on what color her hair was though.

After Warsaw fell and the insurrection was crushed, she was offered the chance to lay down arms and take shelter in Prussia, but refused. She set out for Warsaw to keep kicking Russian ass or die trying, and... died trying, succumbing to a fever somewhere in Lithuania.

I give her a 9: 8 based on appearance alone, and an extra point for being awesome.
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